Choosing a Domain Name for your website is not an easy task, but luckily there are websites nowadays that can make your Domain Name Search more hassle free. There are a few things that you must consider when searching for a Domain Name. Availability and Price. Of course there are other factors that you have to consider when choosing a name, but this article concentrates on the Domain Name Search process, and therefore I’ll assume that you have already chosen a name for your new website.

There is no more frustrating thing than finding out that your chosen Domain Name has already been taken by someone else. Especially if you realise that after days of trying to think of the perfect name and researching websites that are best for purchasing a Domain Name. This is where Domain Typer comes in. You can just type in any name that you thought of and it will tell you whether it has already been taken. Simple as that, but it is not all that it does.

Let’s consider the first scenario. Your chosen domain name has already been taken by someone else. It can be devastating first, but you don’t have to give that name up yet. It might be free for another extension! Domain Typer shows you the different extensions, such as .org, .net or any other that  you can think of and whether it is available. So you might get lucky and find that your Domain Name is actually free with a different extension.

Now, I realize that many people are set on the .com, because they feel that people trust them more. This is a question for another debate. If you are one of these people, then you still have another solution for your problem: to make an offer. You can also do this trough Domain Typer, so you don’t have to hunt down the owner by yourself. Everything in one platform, how convenient!

Let’s look at the second scenario. Your chosen Domain Name is free. Hooray! What do you do next? How does it work? Different sites might offer you different prices on a Domain Name. Luckily, you don’t have to do the research as Domain Typer does it for you and you can find a price comparison of the three most trusted sites for purchasing Domain Names and buy the cheapest one by clicking on it through Domain Typer.

In the end, you have been able to do the whole thing on one website, from search to purchase. Saves time and effort and a lot of headache!


When it’s time to buy a new electric shaver your first dilemma will be where to buy it from. You can buy it from an electronics shop or a big box store, but you may not be paying a fair price. It’s often difficult to get a feel for an electric shaver when it’s in a box on the shelf. Most stores discourage the opening of packaging. Or, you might have to undergo some high-pressure sales tactics, which won’t get you the best electric shaver, just an over-priced one to cover the commission. Nowadays more confident shoppers choosing the best electric shavers online, because it is the easiest way to find exactly what you want.

Shopping online is one of the best ways to find electric shavers. You can make note of all the links and make comparisons. You can check prices and see where the best deals are. Make bookmarks of electric shavers that interest you, so you can peruse them at leisure later. Once you have a list of potential purchases, you can check back and see how their features compare.

best electric shaver

When choosing electric shavers online you’ll want to consider the features you need. Do you need your shaver to indicate when the battery should be recharged? Is an LCD screen of the battery level important to you? Or will it bother you if your shaver suddenly stops working? Many cordless shavers can be charged up with a quick two to five minute fast charge, so that you can get your morning shave done in the morning.

Many electric shavers come with all-in-one cleaning, conditioning, and charging unit. Do you want this convenience, or are you happy with rinsing yours under the tap, and scrubbing it with a brush? Will you be fine with plugging your shaver into the wall, instead of a charging unit?

Once you understand all the different features you can have on your new electric shaver, you’ll begin to understand how these can add up to an increased shaver price. Before purchasing, carefully consider your budget. Do you need a good shave, or do you want the closest shave possible, with all the latest shaving gadgets? The more features a shaver has, the higher the cost, including additional accessories. Brushes, combo units, cleaning cartridges, and cases are all going to be added into the price of the shaver. Carefully consider whether you’ll be using all these extras before buying. If you have a strict budget, you may consider a more affordable model.

Choosing electric shavers online is a better way of finding the perfect electric shaver for you. You can compare photographs, prices, and features. Best of all, you can take your time finding the best electric shaver, which isn’t always the case when you visit a store. After you’ve weighed your options online, you can place your order, and have it delivered. You’ll find that taking extra care with finding your new electric shaver will pay off with the best shave possible for your skin.

For many parents it’s not an option to stay at home while your child is an infant or toddler. Returning to work after maternity leave is required to pay the bills. It can be a difficult choice to make when all you want is to spend time with your child, but you’re stuck at work. One possible solution to your dilemma is to purchase the best baby monitor, so you can monitor both your child and your nanny while they’re at home.


Everyone’s heard horror stories about terrible nannies, though they are the exception, rather than the rule. If something goes wrong at home, your infant or toddler may be too young to speak and tell you that something’s awry. They’re too young to tell you they don’t like the nanny, or the nanny has been watching TV all day and ignoring them. Fortunately most nannies come with excellent references and are quite capable in their childcare career choices. Still, your mind would be at ease if you could check on your child from your iPhone 6.

I bought the Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video baby Monitor so I can monitor my child and my nanny while I’m at work. The Dropcam monitoring camera is quite classy and cool! I searched for some time to find the best monitor and based on the Amazon reviews chose the Dropcam.

How the Dropcam works is that you set up the baby monitor in a room of your home where your child spends most of their time, such as the bedroom or the living room. You then install the Dropcam app on your iPhone 6 and log in. You have two ways to view streaming video. You can watch live streaming video from your iPhone to see what’s happening in your home, or you can sign up for a monthly subscription service, which will store video for up a month.

The Dropcam provides stunning full color video and works through WiFi. Video streaming is less than a minute real time. There’s even night vision, so you don’t have to leave a light on and disturb your child’s sleep.

One really cool feature of the Dropcam is that you get to watch your child, even when you’re not at home to spend time with them. So, if they do something really cute, your nanny can give you a call to tell you to log in to watch. You can even take screen snapshots of the video as a keepsake. If you have the monthly subscription plan you can review footage at your leisure and even keep video clips of the highlights of your child’s day. While you may feel like you’re missing out on your child’s early years, you’ll still be able to catch the highlights from the baby monitor.

The best way to monitor your nanny with your child is with the Dropcam baby monitor. It’s not only a great way to capture images and video of your child’s early years, it’s also the best way to keep tabs on your child as well.

Winter is just around the corner…. Are you afraid of being trapped inside the house until the winter is gone? Cheer up and take advantage of this beautiful season! Here are some outdoor activities you must try in order to have a wonderful winter!

Skating on ice


Spend quality time with your family and friends! Try to learn how to skate on ice. It’s not as hard as some describe it. Be confident, keep your balance and remember this: every time you fall, you have to get up and continue practicing.

Tip: Don’t look down, this might affect your balance. Also, make sure to warm up your muscles before ice skating!



Have you ever wanted to fly? Try skiing. Climb on a mountain and then slide down. The sun rays will caress you while you are enjoying yourself.
Tip : The sun, wind and cold can affect your skin. Use some sun screen before you go skiing. In this way, you will prevent sun burn and hydrate your skin, keeping it safe from the cold.



Snowboarding is a fantastic activity you must try this winter. It might be difficult in the beginning, but after you understand how to keep your balance and get the hang of it ,you will definitely adore it! It surely is worth it!
Tip : Warm up before you go snowboarding! In the same time, make sure not to push yourself too hard if you are tired and do tricks right from the beginning. Practice makes perfect!



Sledding is fun at every age! Remember the time when you were little and stood outside no matter how cold it was? Sledding will take you back in time, making you feel the same joy and excitement you felt in your sweet childhood years. This is a must try!
Tip: Select a hill that is not very steep and which has a long and flat area at the bottom to prevent the injuries. Be careful and you will have fun, smile and laugh from the bottom of your heart!

Get creative !


Build a snowman or a fort to have a snowball fight with your friends or family. You can also make a winter bonfire to warm up and tell stories with your loved ones. Make sure to take photos to remember these beautiful moments later on!


Tip: You can build the best snow fort by using moist packing snow( not a powder-like one). In this way, you can make better blocks, construct the perfect defence and be safe from any kind of attack with snowballs your friends might assault you with!

Bears are amazing and beautiful creatures. There are different bear types in the world. Let’s check them out!

1) The Giant Panda Bear


Panda bears can be found living in forests from central China . The Panda bear is a threatened species because nowadays there are only 1.600 individuals left. Panda bears mostly eat bamboo and grass.

Fact : Panda bears communicate with each other thanks to occasional meetings, calls and scent markings. Also, they do not hibernate.

2) The Brown Bear


Brown bears are found in North America, Canada, Russia and in some countries in Europe ( most of them are found in the Carpathian region in Romania) .
Male adult brown bears are solitary creatures, while females and young bears tend to be more sociable and playful. Brown bears eat berries, nuts and fruits. Occasionally, they eat small animals such as rodents.
Fact : Brown bears hibernate from 5 to 8 months each year. If they are disturbed, they will wake up.

3) The Polar Bear


Polar bears live in different regions of the Arctic Circle. Today, 20.000 to 25.000 individuals can be found worldwide. Polar bears mostly feed on seals’ fat and are independent creatures.

Fact : Male polar bears can grow 10 feet tall and weight over 1300/1400 pounds, while females can grow 7 feet tall and weight 600/650 pounds.

4) The Asiatic Black Bear


The Asiatic black bear lives in the Himalayas , in Korea , China , Russia, Japan and Taiwan. This type of bear is omnivorous, eating fruits, nuts and fish.
Asiatic black bears have a strong body build which makes them capable of climbing trees.
Fact : The Asiatic black bear has been hunted for years for its fur , skin and gall bladder and today it is classified as being a vulnerable species IUCN.

5) The Andean Bear

The Andean bear ( also called the spectacled bear) can be found today in South America. They like to eat bromeliads, berries, grass, insects, rodents and some types of birds. This type of bear is more active during the night and sleeps during the day.

Fact : Usually, the Andean bear lives from 20 up to 25 years. The oldest spectacle bear ever discovered lived for 33 years.

6) The Sloth Bear


Sloth bears are spread within Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. Their diet consists in insects, fruits and flowers. The sloth bear is hunted for its aggressivity and because it sometimes destroys crops.
Fact : When they feel attacked or in danger, sloth bears stand on their hind legs and prepare to defend themselves or attack with their foreclaws.

7) The Malayan Sun Bear


The Malayan sun bear lives in areas within the South East of Asia. They eat fruits, insects and rodents. The Malayan sun bear is the smallest bear type ever discovered, measuring 1.5 meters (5 feet) in length.
Fact : Sun bears are nocturnal creatures. They search for food during the night.