5 Things to Do Outside at Winter Time

Winter is just around the corner…. Are you afraid of being trapped inside the house until the winter is gone? Cheer up and take advantage of this beautiful season! Here are some outdoor activities you must try in order to have a wonderful winter!

Skating on ice


Spend quality time with your family and friends! Try to learn how to skate on ice. It’s not as hard as some describe it. Be confident, keep your balance and remember this: every time you fall, you have to get up and continue practicing.

Tip: Don’t look down, this might affect your balance. Also, make sure to warm up your muscles before ice skating!



Have you ever wanted to fly? Try skiing. Climb on a mountain and then slide down. The sun rays will caress you while you are enjoying yourself.
Tip : The sun, wind and cold can affect your skin. Use some sun screen before you go skiing. In this way, you will prevent sun burn and hydrate your skin, keeping it safe from the cold.



Snowboarding is a fantastic activity you must try this winter. It might be difficult in the beginning, but after you understand how to keep your balance and get the hang of it ,you will definitely adore it! It surely is worth it!
Tip : Warm up before you go snowboarding! In the same time, make sure not to push yourself too hard if you are tired and do tricks right from the beginning. Practice makes perfect!



Sledding is fun at every age! Remember the time when you were little and stood outside no matter how cold it was? Sledding will take you back in time, making you feel the same joy and excitement you felt in your sweet childhood years. This is a must try!
Tip: Select a hill that is not very steep and which has a long and flat area at the bottom to prevent the injuries. Be careful and you will have fun, smile and laugh from the bottom of your heart!

Get creative !


Build a snowman or a fort to have a snowball fight with your friends or family. You can also make a winter bonfire to warm up and tell stories with your loved ones. Make sure to take photos to remember these beautiful moments later on!


Tip: You can build the best snow fort by using moist packing snow( not a powder-like one). In this way, you can make better blocks, construct the perfect defence and be safe from any kind of attack with snowballs your friends might assault you with!

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