Wild Bears From All Around The World

Bears are amazing and beautiful creatures. There are different bear types in the world. Let’s check them out!

1) The Giant Panda Bear


Panda bears can be found living in forests from central China . The Panda bear is a threatened species because nowadays there are only 1.600 individuals left. Panda bears mostly eat bamboo and grass.

Fact : Panda bears communicate with each other thanks to occasional meetings, calls and scent markings. Also, they do not hibernate.

2) The Brown Bear


Brown bears are found in North America, Canada, Russia and in some countries in Europe ( most of them are found in the Carpathian region in Romania) .
Male adult brown bears are solitary creatures, while females and young bears tend to be more sociable and playful. Brown bears eat berries, nuts and fruits. Occasionally, they eat small animals such as rodents.
Fact : Brown bears hibernate from 5 to 8 months each year. If they are disturbed, they will wake up.

3) The Polar Bear


Polar bears live in different regions of the Arctic Circle. Today, 20.000 to 25.000 individuals can be found worldwide. Polar bears mostly feed on seals’ fat and are independent creatures.

Fact : Male polar bears can grow 10 feet tall and weight over 1300/1400 pounds, while females can grow 7 feet tall and weight 600/650 pounds.

4) The Asiatic Black Bear


The Asiatic black bear lives in the Himalayas , in Korea , China , Russia, Japan and Taiwan. This type of bear is omnivorous, eating fruits, nuts and fish.
Asiatic black bears have a strong body build which makes them capable of climbing trees.
Fact : The Asiatic black bear has been hunted for years for its fur , skin and gall bladder and today it is classified as being a vulnerable species IUCN.

5) The Andean Bear

The Andean bear ( also called the spectacled bear) can be found today in South America. They like to eat bromeliads, berries, grass, insects, rodents and some types of birds. This type of bear is more active during the night and sleeps during the day.

Fact : Usually, the Andean bear lives from 20 up to 25 years. The oldest spectacle bear ever discovered lived for 33 years.

6) The Sloth Bear


Sloth bears are spread within Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. Their diet consists in insects, fruits and flowers. The sloth bear is hunted for its aggressivity and because it sometimes destroys crops.
Fact : When they feel attacked or in danger, sloth bears stand on their hind legs and prepare to defend themselves or attack with their foreclaws.

7) The Malayan Sun Bear


The Malayan sun bear lives in areas within the South East of Asia. They eat fruits, insects and rodents. The Malayan sun bear is the smallest bear type ever discovered, measuring 1.5 meters (5 feet) in length.
Fact : Sun bears are nocturnal creatures. They search for food during the night.

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